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Happy Careers Start By Knowing Your Style

Our studies have found that people have four basic personality (or behavioural) styles which are:

Drivers | Promoters | Supporters | Analysers

When blended together in varying percentages, these four personality styles make us who we are.
Most of us are a combination of two styles, the first being a ‘Dominant Style’ - and it’s the one that governs
how we behave.

Every job has its own ‘behavioural profile’ and the closer the behavioural match between your style
and the job requirements, the happier, more productive and successful your career will be.

Here’s An Overview Of The 4 Personality Styles

Driver Personality Style:
Direct | Decisive | Driven

Are driven, natural born leaders
Are dynamic people who like challenges
Have an excellent memory for information
Are always striving for success
Want to do it now

Ideal careers for Drivers:
Are where they can make decisions,
set goals and measure results.

Job matches include:
Business managers & entrepreneurs,
law, science & technology, politics, police,
sales, marketing, military, radio and TV,
artists, writers, librarians, skilled trades,
engineers, chefs and pilots.

Promoter Personality Style:
Influential | Inspirational | Enthusiastic

Are visionaries who see the big picture
Have a gift for working with people
Are creative, colourful & expressive
Will persuade you to have a go
Inspire and motivate others

Ideal careers for Promoters:
Involve people and ideas.

Job matches include:
Advertising, hospitality, HR, recruitment,
public relations, coaching, sales, marketing,
media, publishing, retail, design, healthcare,
customer service, community service,
teaching and clergy.
Supporter Personality Style:
Supportive | Stable | Steady

Are easy to get along with
Are patient and well balanced
Have the compassion to comfort others
Have great administrative ability
Make the world go round!

Ideal careers for Supporters:
Are those that involve people, service
and information.

Job matches include:
Administration and customer service,
project managers, health and welfare,
librarians, medical, horticulture, education,
police, personal assistants, therapists,
artists, child care, clergy & counselors.

Analyser Personality Style:
Conscientious | Careful | Accurate

Have talent to create a masterpiece
Possess single-minded determination
Can examine issues & solve problems
Can do things precisely & accurately
Have a strong work ethic

Ideal careers for Analysers:
Are those involving details, facts
and information.

Job matches include:
IT, business & finance, law, education,
research, librarians, architecture, design,
engineering, theology, medical & dental,
skilled trades, scholars, scientists and