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JobMatch - It's A Great First Step

JobProfile has just launched JobMatch, a FREE service that helps you kick start the recruiting process with precision.
JobMatch is designed to be used with Job Profile’s Candidate Assessment to guarantee a successful hire... every time.
SPECIAL OFFER: First time users of Job Match will receive 3 FREE trials to experience Job Profile.

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Here's How JobMatch & JobProfile Work Together

Who To Target.

Every job requires a specific personality style for
it to be done successfully – you’ll discover what style
of person you should be looking for.

What To Write.

Job Match gives you keywords and phrases to use
in your job ad that are guaranteed to attract the right
candidates to apply.

How To Engage.

And finally... you’ll learn how to communicate with
candidates – keeping them interested right through
the recruitment process.


Who To Interview.

Narrow the field by using Job Profile’s Candidate
Profiling tool. It’s a leading online assessment that
tells you what personality style your candidates are.

Who To Hire.

By matching the applicants’ Candidate Profile
against your Job Match report you will be able to
minimise any hiring mistakes and place the right
person in the job.