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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobprofile?
Jobprofile is an online psychometric assessment that matches the employment and recruitment requirements of both job seekers and employers. Jobprofile matches talent with jobs. It identifies the job seekers personal style and preferences and recommends jobs and careers that most suit. It answers the question “is this person a good match for the job’.

How does it work?
Jobprofile uses the same psychometric tools Fortune 500 companies use to find the right person for the job. Profiles are divided into 32 groups of four statements. Job seekers simply choose one that is most like them and one that is least. Within a few minutes of completing the profile a report is sent via email and based on the responses, allocates one of 16 personality styles.

On what is Jobprofile based?
Jobprofile is founded on proven and reliable theories of personality types. Job Profile uses four key identifiers; Drivers, Promoters, Analysers and Supporters. Most people have both a dominant and a secondary personality style, and the combination of sixteen unique styles determines to large extent how a person behaves, what their innate tendencies are, and what environments they are most likely to thrive in.

Is the test valid and reliable?
Jobprofile has undergone reliability and validity testing and has demonstrated a high level of accuracy in assessing and defining different personality types and behavioral styles, and reliably predicting individual behaviors and traits.

Do I need to be accredited?
No. Job Seekers complete their online profile questionnaire themselves, and the Career Profile Reports they receive are self explanatory. Recruiters also get a copy of each Job Seekers report.

How much does it cost?
A monthly Unlimited Client Site Licence is the cheapest option. Jobprofile is priced to be very affordable for Recruiters with reports averaging just a few dollars per report. Please complete your details on the Become a Client section and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

Can Job Seekers do the test at home?
Yes. It can be done at your office or from home.

Do recruiters get a copy?
Yes. A copy of each Jobprofile report is emailed to the Recruitment Consultant.

What’s in the Jobprofile report?
When Job Seekers take the test they receive a personal career profile which includes an analysis of their personality style, career paths which may be suited to them, insights into their work-related strengths and talents, suitable jobs for their personality style, tips on how to get ahead, and other valuable confidence boosting information. Recruiters also get a copy of each job seekers report. View a sample Job profile report.

Who is using Jobprofile?
Hundreds of Recruitment companies, Agencies and Job Services Providers in 24 countries.

Can I buy as I need if I don’t want a monthly Site License?
Yes. You can purchase and re-order when required and on an ongoing basis.

Is there a minimum purchase?

Do you have a hardcopy of the questionnaire?
Yes. Please contact us.

Can we try before we buy?
Yes. Click here to request a Free Trial.

How do we get started?
Simply complete your details and we will contact you within 24 hours.