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Attract quality candidates

CANDIDATE PROFILE is our web-based recruitment tool used by recruiters to assess a candidate’s natural talents and suitability for the job. Taking 15 minutes for the candidate to complete, it helps you determine whether the candidate’s natural style and talents match the job. You find out essential traits about the candidate’s behaviour and attitude prior to interview, such as

  • What talents and behaviours they bring to the job
  • Their work-related strengths and how they handle stress
  • The most productive environment for them
  • Their sales and leadership strengths
  • Jobs they are naturally suited to
  • How they can make a difference to your business and the job performance

Easily integrates into your recruitment process

  • Candidates complete the online Candidate Profile
  • Recruiters receive a copy of every Candidate Profile completed
  • Recruiter compares the Candidates’ Profile to the Job Analysis recommendation
  • Match the talent to the job for a successful hire

What else can the Job Profile System be used for?

  • Improve employee communications and effectiveness
  • Manage difficult employees
  • Support career advancement and promotion
  • Leadership development
  • Motivate and train staff

To discuss how we can help you in your business, please call +61 2 9332 4288 or email

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