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Focused on experience

Job Profile is a division of Myprofile Pty Ltd, founded in 2000 by Nathan Chanesman and Ilan Kogus PhD. The company is a leading provider of pre-employment assessments to the recruitment industry. We are specialists in matching talent with jobs and achieve this through . Our student careers website  is used by hundreds of schools and universities in many countries for students to match their talent with careers and jobs that best suit.

Our assessment products are used by Recruitment Consultants, Employers, HR Managers, Job Services Providers, Careers Advisers, Colleges and Universities worldwide.

What Makes Us Different?

The quality of our research and development, the rigor of our testing, and our unique ‘can do’ attitude to our clients needs – this is how we are distinctive.

  • We help you match talent with jobs
  • We provide the most user-friendly assessments in the marketplace
  • We provide proven products to help you select, develop and manage your people
  • We help you gain a competitive advantage and create loyalty with the clients you already have
  • We enable you to make the best possible people decisions to match the right person for the job

You’ll love doing business with us!

We just happen to be very good at what we do; jobs and careers are our business.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact Nathan Chanesman
on +61 2 9332 4288 direct, or email